Are you contemplating what type of website to create for your business? Then read to the end of this article to make the right choice.

It is no longer news that every business needs an online presence, especially as the world is experiencing a new era and more people are beginning to adapt to the new system of doing business from the comfort of their homes. However, one thing is to take your business online by creating a website.

It is another thing to create the right type of website for your business. The fact that your business needs a website doesn’t automatically mean that you can use any kind of website for it.

The right type of website that you’d choose for your business greatly hinges on the nature of your business, how you intend to make money and your objective for creating the website. You need to know the various kinds of websites available so that you can choose the one that best suits your business.

And if you are seeking information about what type of website to build for your business, then you’ve got the right solution because, in this article, I’ll be sharing with you the five major types of websites that you can create for your business. So ride along with me!

1.   Portfolio Website

If your business involves selling services such as digital marketing, consultancy, graphic design, web design, artworks, photography, and copywriting and so on, you’ll need to showcase your work samples or recent jobs that you’ve done for your clients; this is where you’ll need a portfolio website.

A portfolio website allows you to display your work samples online so that your prospects and customers can see what you can do for them and what you’ve done for others in the past. You’ll also be able to provide information on how customers can contact you for any of your services.

2.   E-Commerce Website

An E-Commerce website, also referred to as an online store, is designated for selling various products. It provides you with the kind of experience you have with a grocery store as you can select multiple products, use shopping carts, see price tags for each product, save selections, buy in bulk and make payments in one platform.

The product will then be delivered to the customer within a stipulated period disclosed on the page while making payments. With an E-Commerce website, you can provide a product inventory with various images of your products so that your customers can access them and buy them on your site.

The website also allows you to provide round-the-clock service to your customers as they can purchase products and make payments at any time of the day, even while you sleep. You can also link your E-Commerce website to your social media handles like Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and Facebook to reach more customers.

An excellent E-commerce website is hinged on using fantastic quality product pictures, excellent product descriptions, a perfect payment system and other key features and functionalities. Thus you’ll need an expert web developer to create a suitable one for you. Some examples of popular E-Commerce sites include Amazon, Alibaba and Walmart etc.

3.   Blog

Another kind of website that you can have for a business is a Blog. A blog is appropriate for your business when your business has to do with regularly sharing relevant and helpful content with your prospects and customers. Your content can come in the form of written texts, images and videos.

The aim of sharing these contents can be to create a larger follower base, to build your audience interest over time towards taking a particular action such as purchasing a product, attending an event or subscribing to a list. A blog is best used for affiliate marketing, especially after you’ve built an enormous number of blog visitors or audience after a while. This enables you to make money when people purchase products or services of various brands via your blog.

4.   Brochure Website

In some instances, your principal aim might be to promote your brand online by providing your audience or customers with information about your company, your products and services and how they can reach out to you. With a brochure website, you aren’t selling directly to your customers; instead, you are trying to get them to familiarize themselves with your brand.

It is worthy of note that brochure websites are usually static sites and are more focused on the company than the customers. Some examples of brochure websites are those of Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

5.   Online Forum

If you intend to provide a platform where the audience can ask questions and get answers to their queries, you should go for an online forum. An online forum provides a platform where people can share their challenges and ideas in the form of questions and answers.

It also serves to spark conversations between people who share similar interests from various parts of the world. Some popular online forums include Quora, Reddit, and Pinterest etc. You can also create an online forum where customers can ask questions about your product or service, and this can be a section of your company website.

In summary,

So far, we’ve looked at the five major types of websites that you can have for your business. Nonetheless, note that you can also combine two or more website types in one. For instance, you can create a blog section for your portfolio website or your brochure website.

You may also decide to add an online forum to your E-Commerce website for discussions about your company products. Most brands with large websites are often a combination of one or more of these major five. If you are starting out, you can begin with one type of website and then gradually upgrade it as your business needs increase.

If you want to create a Top-notch quality website for your business, you can always talk to us here.

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