UI / UX Designers,

Whether you are a developer or own a website or digital product, you’d have come across the term “UI / UX designer”; nonetheless, you aren’t particular about what these professionals do.

Is a UI designer the same as a UX designer? Is there any difference between them? All these questions must be running through your mind now but don’t worry in this post; you’ll get answers to your questions as we’ll be discussing the job roles of a UI and UX designer. Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

Who Is A UI Designer?

A UI designer or user interface designer is a professional who specializes in designing the graphical user interface of a digital product such as a mobile application, software, or website. UI designers typically focus on the visual aspects of the development.

What Do UI Designers Do?

1. Determine Appropriate Design Elements

UI designers are concerned with the visual appeal of a website or app, including the design and arrangement of app icons or page elements and how they connect. Although, several design elements can be used to actualize an interface design, such as menu style, color scheme, typography, spacing, graphics, and fonts style.

As a UI designer, you are to ensure that only the suitable design elements are used to help create a product that users can easily understand and use in terms of what buttons to click, how to identify a call to action button, how to differentiate between various page options and so on.

2. Create Customer-Centered Designs

UI designers have a primary duty of creating designs with the end-user in mind by having a deep knowledge of the brand requirements plus understanding customer needs and feedbacks.

3. Collaborate With UX Designers

UI designers always work hand in hand with UX designers to ensure a perfect product for the end-user.

Who Is A UX Designer?

A UX designer is an expert who is skillful in creating a satisfactory user experience with a website or digital product. A UX designer focuses on how the user or customer feels while using a product or service as well as the ease of use of the product.

What Do UX Designers Do?

1. Carry Out End-User Research

Since a UX designer focuses more on the end user’s experience, his primary role is to learn about the product’s users; this entails finding out their needs and goals and learning how they behave.

To achieve this, UX designers will typically perform online surveys, competitive analysis, and interview stakeholders to obtain valuable user information, which is then classified into qualitative and quantitative data and used in designing the product.

2. Develop User Personas

As a UX designer, once you are done researching the product user, you now have significant knowledge about them; the next thing you need to do is create persona data representing a typical user of the intended product.

The persona development process involves interpreting and combining the data obtained from research to create a persona case study depending on the user findings. The persona discloses each user’s needs, demographics, possible responses, motivations, dislikes, and other vital information required in developing the product or service.

3. Information Architecture

UX designers create all the necessary content for the digital product or website, which helps educate the user about its various aspects and how to perform specific functions or activities on the website or app; this is referred to as information architecture. For example, information architecture is synonymous with a sitemap that provides search engines directions on easily crawling through a site.

4. Develop Wireframes

After creating the information architecture, UX designers begin creating a crude representation of the intended design known as wireframes. The wireframe design illustrates the user’s journey throughout the digital product regarding how they relate with the entire graphical interface. In addition, the wireframe design paves the way for a more advanced prototype designed.

5. Develop Prototypes And Final Designs

Prototype development is another essential role of UX designers. Once the wireframe is set up, UX designers work in concert with other members of the team, such as UI designers, developers, web designers or programmers, in creating a sample design of the product (known as a prototype) which can be examined for its performance and appearance in relation to the desired final product.

The prototype allows UX designers to test the product to feel the user experience and figure out any necessary corrections.

6. Product Testing

Testing is one of the significant tasks that UX designers perform. It is usually carried out on the minimum viable product (MVP) or prototype before final product development and market release.

The testing process involves inviting real users of the intended product to feel how the prototype works; during this process, the UX designer can determine the usability and accessibility of the prototype through the feedback provided by the users. After the testing process, any error or bug detected is fixed in the final product design.

What Are The Differences Between UI And UX Designers?

  1. UX designers primarily deal with identifying, analyzing, and solving customer problems through online and digital products. In contrast, UI designers center on creating attractive, perceptive, and visually appealing interfaces for the end-user.
  2. The activities of UX designers take precedence in the design process while UI designers follow afterward. First, the UX designers create the skeletal framework of the intended product by considering the user’s journey. The UI designers then use this framework as the foundation for implementing graphical design elements.
  3. UX designer job role can be applied in several technological products and services, including machines and equipment. In comparison, UI designers are only limited to digital products and services.

Typical Salary Of  UI And UX Designers

Since both UI and UX designers are of great significance in actualizing a brand product or service, you might be wondering how much they earn.

Well, as reported by Payscale, senior-level UX designers earn roughly $98 685 annually, while entry-level UX designers earn around $63 938 yearly; this includes salary, plus overtime, and other bonuses. On the other side, senior-level UI designers earn roughly $99 276, while their entry-level counterparts earn around $50 022 annually, as stated by Payscale.


So far, you’ve learned about UI and UX designers and their respective job roles; however, if you are looking to create or redesign a website, mobile app, or software for your brand, you’ll need expert UI and UX designers, and that’s what we offer you at SKILLSEEDS LIMITED. So, let us know what you need Here!



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