Wells Bakehouse

Website. Graphics. Video Advert.

Wells Bakehouse is a bakery located at No.2, Gado Nasco close, Asokoro, Abuja. They have a vast menu for cakes, bread, pastries and more! They are your best option for a good coffee as well.

Create an e-commerce website that will enable our customers place orders online with efficient delivery. Design graphic and video campaigns that best represent their brand values.

In order to interpret the values of this brand, Skillseeds created a customer friendly website and organized contents in a way that was easy to navigate. We segmented all products of the bakehouse for customers to find and order easily. Customers can select a pickup or delivery option.

Next we created designs for their social media channels maintaining the primary colour (brown) so it could sync with the brand’s logo.

Our team put together a Video ad for the bakehouse. It displayed products, part of the processes, the environment and customers.