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SOAAR is a learning platform that prepares today’s learner for a V.U.C.A (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world. They uphold the building of 21st century skills; making learning personalized, purpose-driven and rooted in Godly principles. SOAAR is designed for all learners and admits learners from Grade 3 – 12.

The client needed us to create  a website that is user friendly and will provide learning options such as After-school learning, Home schooling and Online tutoring.  The site should also allow users to have the ability to login and pay for plans.

The client also needed us to create a video Ad that will explain what SOAAR is all about and also show users that they are a World-Class Online Education system. The video should also talk about schooling options they offer.

In order to meet and exceed the expectations of our client, Our team didn’t just create a user friendly website, we put together a summary of everything the brand does with various options a learner can choose from. We included an Admission form for users to fill right away as well as Tuition fees. to make payment easy, we created a payment tab on the site for learners subscription. We included a section for Frequently Asked Questions so users visiting the site can have more insight on the learning platform. Lastly, a chat box was included to enable users visiting the site to chat instantly with a brand personnel.

Our team created a video ad for SOAAR that explained the learning options. We created a story board for the video production. We also used a child’s voice-over to appeal to the kids. The video ad included the values that SOAAR provides as well as the contact address of the company.



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