NoLimits Furniture

Website. Video Advert.

NoLimits Furniture is a furniture company that produces High-Quality furnitures. They also handle everything from consulting on interior designs and decorations to the actual creation of these designs in a more modern way.

The client needed us to create an eCommerce website that will display their products and prices. This site should include their brand values and a home delivery option. it should enable customers save products for later and compare items.

They also needed us to produce a creative video ad showcasing their products and it should include their website and contact information.

Having fully understood the client’s request, our team created a customer-friendly website for NoLimits Furniture that was easy to navigate.
We created a homepage that displayed the brand’s values at first glance.
We also segmented the types of furniture into categories such as sofas, Dining, bedrooms, etc., so customers could easily find what they wanted to purchase.
We created tabs where customers could check out items, save for later view, and compare prices of two products.

We also created a video ad displaying our client’s previous furniture works with their contact information and website address.