Empowerment Adashe

Mobile App Development. Graphics. Video Advert.

Empowerment Scheme Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited (ESMCSL) is an innovative and community empowering financial organization, with the mission of building and empowering an economic ecosystem through innovative capacity building and meeting financial needs.

SkillSeeds was commissioned by Empowerment Scheme Cooperative to develop a mobile app to host and manage her users for the purpose of payment collection and disbursement.

The first thing we did during the design Strategy phase was to interpret the client’s brief from the mapping tool using a wire-frame. Next, we focused on the user experience, making the app easy to navigate, fun to digest, and helped us accomplish the goals outlined during the discovery phase. The contents were creatively designed and added to the app. Next, we began testing the App extensively because it was a financial app. We tested each page and feature to verify optimum functionality and the absence of bugs. Once our clients conducted their comprehensive review of the App, we launched it on their server!


User Interface and User Experience design



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