Recent reports have shown that there’s been a massive increase in the number of smartphone users worldwide.  In 2020, we recorded an unprecedented total of about 3.5 billion smartphone users the world over. More people are getting inclined to accessing the internet on their phones than on desktops or laptops. As expected, Nigeria, the country with the largest population in Africa, also has a vast and fast-growing number of smartphone users ranging between 25 to 40 million as of 2021. According to studies from various sources, this number is expected to increase to 140 million by 2025; this is a whopping 350% increase. What does this mean for your business? You might be wondering.

In Nigeria, a typical smartphone user spends a great deal of time on their smartphones either surfing the internet, checking social apps, mobile games, etc. Therefore, it implies a tremendous opportunity for businesses to leverage mobile applications in Nigeria; this is why several brands and big firms such as banks, schools, fintech companies, and other institutions are already taking advantage of the recent trend by going mobile. Beyond using mobile apps to deliver quality services and commodities to their customers, these companies also use their apps to generate more revenue for their businesses.

However, it also means that if you are yet to key into the train, you’d be missing out on the excellent opportunity to advance your business in this 21st Century. And if you are looking to learn how leveraging mobile apps can benefit your business, ride along with me in this article, as I will share some key points with you.

1. Boost Brand Visibility

Your brand visibility has to do with the extent to which people can access your brand via their mobile phones. Since more and more people are adopting smartphones, having a mobile app for your brand is an excellent way of presenting your brand to a larger audience, thereby enhancing your brand awareness. Mobile application allows you to create personalized content and unique design, including your brand logo, services, color, and style, thereby giving you an edge over your competitors. Additionally, it makes it easier for your customers to reach you, thereby creating a good impression of your brand in their minds and strengthening your brand authority.

2. Creates Offline Access

One attractive advantage of mobile apps is that it allows your customers to use your services offline. Certain aspects of your services can be programmed to function without an internet connection on the app. Once there’s an internet connection, any previous changes made will be updated. You can’t achieve this with website apps as these can only function with an internet connection. With offline access, you make it easier for people to use your services and patronize you regardless of their location (not considering internet connection). Your prospects will find this very valuable, and this can help enhance their trust in your brand.

3. Excellent Digital Marketing Strategy

When you use high-tech apps for your business, it makes it easier for you to incorporate other online marketing strategies that will perfectly work side-by-side to achieve your business goals. For instance, you can readily link your mobile apps with various social networking platforms to establish your brand presence and build credibility. This paves the way for you to earn more followers on social media, who could potentially turn out to be your brand influencers by sharing the app and its benefits with their friends via the share button. This, on its own, is a great digital marketing approach and can help drive traffic to your website and convert your prospects to customers if done appropriately.

4. Builds Stronger Loyalty

As the saying goes, that customer is king; as a brand owner, you need to know that your customer is a significant factor in your business and should be treated with utmost importance. Any successful brand you see today is due to an appreciable number of customers who are very loyal to the brand. Having a well-designed and user-friendly mobile app unique to your brand is a sure way of strengthening your customer loyalty to the brand. Aside from presenting your brand to a larger audience, mobile apps provide you the opportunity of building more loyal customers. With mobile apps, you can create a personalized experience for your customers, and it’s easier for you to connect and interact with them effectively. By way of example, certain app features such as push notifications have proven to be more effective in getting more user engagements than online ads on your site. Additionally, compared to an email campaign, push notifications on mobile apps generally get a tremendous 90% open rate which triples the 30% open rate for email campaigns.

5. Increased Revenue Generation

The increased number of loyal customers that your mobile app will help you achieve will ultimately bring about more sales and patronages in your business. Plus, you’ll also have the option of earning from various channels such as affiliate marketing, in-app ads, sponsorships, and subscriptions. It is estimated that, by 2023, mobile apps will increase the revenue generation of brands up to $935 billion on a global scale. You don’t want to miss out on this!

6. Allows better User Experience 

Mobile apps offer a platform where you can provide your prospects and customers with an excellent user interface and enhanced user experience through various app features, designs, and functionalities that your customers will find very comfortable and straightforward to use. To appeal to customers on mobile devices, it’s essential to make quality a topmost priority.

Thus, it is crucial that you only contact expert mobile app developers to help build high-tech apps that will resonate with your customers and brand as a whole. SKILLSEEDSLIMITED is a leading mobile app development brand in Nigeria with a track record of top-notch quality and excellence in different types of mobile app and web app development. Plus, you can rest assured of dealing with first-class professionals in the field.

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