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As more and more businesses in Nigeria continue to go online, the demand for website design keeps rising by the day. So one may wonder, “How much will it cost to design a website in Nigeria?” Well, the answer to this question depends on some factors. First, you need to understand that several criteria determine the pricing of a website design in Nigeria.

In reality, there is no fixed price for designing a website in Nigeria; you could get a website design for as low as N54 000; at the same time, a website design in Nigeria could also cost you millions of naira as the situation requires.

The general rule is that most people often lookout for low prices when making a buying decision. However, the case is different for a website design. Your ultimate goal of creating a website for your business is to help present your brand to a larger audience, build more loyal customers, expand your business and generate more revenue.

With this goal in mind, you want to ensure that you prioritize quality over quantity (price) when choosing a web designer for your brand’s website. Nonetheless, it is best to plan your business website design, and having a good idea of pricing will help you make an excellent budget and proper planning. In this post, you’ll be learning the principal factors used in determining the pricing of a website in Nigeria.

1.   Web Hosting Service

Like humans live in homes, your website will need a space to live on the World Wide Web; this is termed hosting, and a web hosting company usually provides this space. So you need to pay for web hosting charges with the company of choice. By way of alternative, you can purchase a server for your company and run a private system. Nonetheless, this option is more costly and should only be considered if the need is inevitable.

In most instances, businesses go with the first option of using a web hosting company service as it is more cost-efficient. Web hosting companies usually bill payment every month or annually, and the cost of web hosting varies depending on your choice of a package from options provided by the company. Typically it can cost as low as N4 500 per month and as high as N450 000 for specific server hosting. Private servers usually cost more.

Usually, your web designer will incorporate the web hosting fee when costing your website design for the first year; you’ll then have to renew the subscription periodically afterward.

2.   Domain Name Registration

Aside from purchasing web hosting, domain name registration is another web design factor you need to be aware of. Your domain name is simply the name of your website, otherwise referred to as your website address; for instance, www.yourcompanyname.com.

You have to purchase a unique domain name for your business to make it easier for your prospects and customers to identify you amid competitors. Domain names are usually purchased from domain name registrars, and similarly to web hosting, billing is done monthly or annually.

The cost of having a domain name can be as low as N3 000 and as high as N16, 000. If your business is based in Nigeria, you might want to consider adopting a .ng domain name or .com.ng domain name. It is also worth mentioning that, single domain names like .com, .org, .uk and .ng etc. are more expensive than double domain names like .com.ng, .org.ng, .net.ng etc.

Your website designer will typically include the domain name registration charges in the website design costing, and you can buy a domain name subscription for more than one year. For instance, you can pay for 3, 7, or 10 years depending on your budget; this also applies to web hosting.

3.   Content Creation Cost

While planning to build a website for your brand, you need to think about what information you want to share with your audience. This implies planning content for various pages of your website such as Home page, Services, About Us and Contacts Us page, etc.

This is where the copywriter role comes in. you’ll need a copywriter to help craft engaging and compelling content for all your pages. It is noteworthy that copywriters usually charge on an hourly basis or based on the number of pages.

Besides, copywriting charges can range from N2 500 to N20 000 per hour, and costs based on pages can be as low as N15 000 per page and as high as N100 000 per page. It generally depends on what you want, the extent of research involved, and the quality of work. At times, your web designer will include the copywriting costs in the quote.

Also, aside from web copies, another form of content that you’ll need on your site is media content, including your brand logo, videos, images, and animations. Typically, you’ll need a professional graphic designer for these, but your web designer will handle all these for you in most cases.

So these items would also be included in the website design costing. Kindly note that price quotes for professional graphic designers can vary as described thus:

Logo design can be as low as  N4 000 and equally as high as  N100 000

Videos, animations, and images can range between N3 000 and N15 000 depending on your needs and other business requirements.

4.   Workmanship Cost

Website designers usually bill for a website design based on the type of website, number of pages, functionalities, features, and other management conditions. The charge is less for a static website or a small site with a few functionalities than building a dynamic website with several features and functionalities.

Similarly, the cost of building a one-page website is different from that of a 5-page or more. The more the number of pages required, the higher the quote.

Additionally, the number of years of experience can also influence the website designer’s price quote. For instance, beginner-level web designers tend to charge lesser than expert-level website designers. If you have a small budget and want to create a simple portfolio website or a small site for your business, you might consider beginner designers.

Although sometimes you’ll get a good job delivery, the risk of getting poor quality is usually high. On the other hand, if you are looking to build or redesign a website for a large business in Nigeria or a start-up with great potentials of becoming robust soon, it is advisable to work with expert website developers as you’d have more chances of getting the best for your business plus less risk. Needless to say that the more value you invest into your business, the more you’ll get out of it.

In summary,

There’s no fixed cost for a website design in Nigeria. It all boils down to what you are looking to get and what you need for your business. Therefore, it is best to work with a website designer that will understand your business needs and build the right kind of website that will resonate with your business goals and suit your target customers; this is what we do at SKILLSEEDS LIMITED. You can talk to us about your needs here.


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